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2010-08-27 16:36:21 by billabo


my music

2010-04-19 23:12:23 by billabo

I was quite surprised when I saw my music submissions with scores of 3.99, and a total of 3 downloads! I know, it's only 2 to 4 people, but I'm glad those 2 to 4 people liked my Mario Paint music...

That encouraged me, so I will be trying to get better-but-still-cheap (or free) composing software to use. I'm not really a composer, so I don't want to spend money, but I really want to make my own music.

Can non-Mac users get Garage Band free?

USA! USA! (in my heart)

2009-12-18 16:39:44 by billabo

I hereby state that I earned the medal "USA! USA!" in Tetraform, even though I didn't get it. I used 2 nukes, but when I used the second one, it destroyed the third nuke that was waiting in space for me to pick up. I knew that picking one up while you already had one didn't have any effect (they don't stack) so I though ok, better use this one up. But that didn't work since it destroyed the new one.

On a side note, I am working on a new movie

Eyecon #3

2009-09-23 00:00:47 by billabo

Here's my newest Eyecon.

You can see how I am improving, though the icon is small.

I didn't plan ahead and set the background to skin color before doing the eyebrow but oh well. It didn't mess it up too much.

Eyecon #3


2009-08-17 18:23:28 by billabo

Disregard the previous post. A few seconds after I posted it, I realized it auto-saves. But I lost all the things like hit a goomba and stuff!!!
I just had to go play again and immediately got the time stuff and distance, but it didnt save the otehr medals.
...2nd edit to note... it's not giving me World Siege or Golden Shell, even though I have completed both of them. >:(

edit again... turns out those medals were glitched. but Im not going to do them again...


2009-08-17 17:59:37 by billabo

I got all the medals from Toss the Turtle except for the secret button one and the get burned by the sun one, and I discovered that after I got the Missile, I could have just held W... so I was holding W to see if to get burned by the sun you have to reach a certain height, and I was surprised that it went over 1000 in space. I didnt want my finger to get tired, so I was setting a heavy object on the W key like I did for the D key for teh last 6 shots, but in the process of setting the object on teh W key, I hit F3. That opened up the WIndows Help screen. I saw my turtle falling, so I quickly quit the Help window, but instead of closing the window, Internet Explorer froze and I lost all the medals and progress I got!! I had even gotten the Addicted medal, so I know I played for at least 2 hours; all that was LOST! >:()

No medals for me for now

2009-05-01 16:27:46 by billabo

I've played at least 3 games and gotten medals, but then I found out they are being blocked by something. So until I get them to work, just want to let anyone who cares (no one, right? hehe) that I actually have gotten medals; I am not pathetic.

Probably stuff over summer

2009-04-09 16:44:24 by billabo

I got Billabo to level 80, so now my profile picture is a bit dated; that was from when 70 was the max level.

I will probably make more Flash during the summer. I am sort of working on my first Flash game right now, so expect that sometime in I don't know, May or something.